How often do you change your bulbs?
At California Tan OK we have thousand hour lamps, which we change between 500 - 600 hours to insure the best color possible.

Can I tan while I'm pregnant?
Ultraviolet radiation from tanning equipment does not affect tissue below the surface of the skin including a developing fetus. But pregnant women should be discouraged from tanning because medical professionals do not know how pregnancy is affected by heat created by electrical components. Tan and Tone America only allows pregnant women to tan with the Leg Tanner.

Can I wear contact lenses while tanning?
Tanning can cause contact lenses to become dry. Tanners may want to remove contacts before their session. If this is not possible, moisturizing drops before and after are recommended.

Is it really important to use eyewear while tanning?
Yes. Your cornea, lens, and retina can be damaged from not wearing protective eyewear. Over time these injuries from unprotected UV exposure can lead to loss of night vision and color vision. Your eyes are much more valuable than the few dollars it cost to purchase eyewear.

Is there any danger in tanning nude?
The potential danger lies in the areas of the body such as armpits, back of the legs and buttocks. They can suffer erythema (sunburn) using the same light intensity that only tans the rest of the body.

Can I catch diseases from the tanning units?
No. California Tan OK uses a quad-disinfectant.

Why isn't my tan getting darker?
Using a tanning lotion immediately before tanning and a moisturizer afterward will help you reach your maximum tanning potential. Also, moving from entry level to upgrade tanning units will also help you get as dark as possible. Don't forget to use a tanning sticker to actually see your results.
Remember, when building your base tan, tanning frequently is the key.

Isn't it true you need to get one good burn to start a tan?
No. A sunburn is a totally different process of the skin. Sunburn results when the amount of UV exposure exceeds the skins natural tanning ability, sending an increase in blood flow to the affected area in an attempt to repair damage. When you burn yourself, you not only set back the tanning process, but you expose yourself to several potential problems, such as: premature wrinkling, uneven blotching patches on the skin, deprive your body of the positive effects of the sun.

To shower or not to shower?
Heat from the shower opens pores and enables the skin to breathe and take in oxygen vital for the tanning process. Showering also washes away dirt and dead skin cells which could filter ultraviolet penetration when you tan. Showering also allows lotions to penetrate better. Dry skin does not tan as well as moist skin. After tanning you should wait a short period of time before showering to allow moisturizers from the tanning lotions to absorb into the skin.

What is photosensitivity?
Photosensitivity is a condition in which the skin reacts abnormally to light, especially UV rays or sunlight, due to the presence of medication, hormones, or heavy metals in the body. At California Tan OK we have a photosensitizing medication list on or around the tanning counter.

I am Redheaded and have Fair-skin, am I still able to tan?
Even if you can't tan through traditional means, Magic Tan gives you a beautiful golden tan that looks completely natural. Hydrating nutrients enrich your skin, giving you a beautiful glow you thought you'd never achieve.

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